Friday, September 30, 2016

Global Pigs Density Map

source: FAO

Thursday, September 29, 2016

Steam Tractor San Joaquin Valley California

Single traction engine working on Canal, Roberts Island, San Joaquin Valley, California.

Irma and Paul Milstein Division of United States History

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Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Tuesday Links +

"harvesting hops" - Art credit: Helen Day

Tuesday informational news links "with a holistic view" are a weekly feature here at Big Picture Agriculture.


Wendell Berry says conservatives and liberals are both responsible for Ag problems at recent Prairie Festival in Salina, Kansas |
Quote: Berry blamed much of the situation on think tank intellectuals in the mid-20th century who determined the combination of advanced technology and the market economy made fewer farmers necessary. All price supports and production limits were removed. "The delusions of a limitless economy have overthrown the limits of nature and the land," he said. "The only solution to a limitless free market economy is to have a fair share to all by limiting production."

Bruce Charles "Bill" Mollison — known as the "father of permaculture" — died on Saturday in Hobart, Australia aged 88. | ABC News

Can International Diplomacy Help Combat the World’s Superbugs? | Science Friday 12-minute podcast


Monsanto nabbed the licensing rights to the CRISPR technology from the Broad Institute to use in its seed development. | Business Insider

THE DRONES REPORT: Market forecasts, regulatory barriers, top vendors, and leading commercial applications | Business Insider

Vertical farming is on the rise — but can it save the planet? | Salon

As a GMO Pillar Wobbles, Biotech Companies Promise New Insect-Killing Genes | NPR

2015 U.S. Pet food spending $29.5B (up $5.4B) | Pet business professor

Thai hotel grows rooftop vegetables in Bangkok's scorching heat | HortiDaily


Farming with forests |

When it rains several inches, and a field is vacant of plant life, how much water penetrates into the soil? During a recent cover crop field tour in Boelus, Neb., soil experts addressed this question. | The FencePost

Why Industrial Farms Are Good for the Environment | NYTs

Off-label dicamba: the implications and consequences of applications | Southeast Farm Press

Pesticide manufacturers’ own tests reveal serious harm to honeybees | Euractiv

Meet the California Couple who uses more water than every home in Los Angeles Combined | Mother Jones

Canals Save Cambodian Farmers in Times of Drought | IPS

How to build organic matter. Proper field management can boost crop yields. |

Bio strip-till provides ideal growing conditions for corn |

Iowa statewide alliance calls for moratorium on large-scale livestock operations | The Gazette

Concern Grows With Continued Erosion of CRP Land in Stutsman County, North Dakota |

Organic acreage increase explained | NSAC

Irrigation Nation | PSMag

Make Your Own Natural Liquid Fertilizers: Comfrey, 'Herby' and Manure Recipes | Mother Earth News


China's tariff on imports of DDGs threatens US soymeal prices | Agrimoney

China Will Resume Limited Imports of U.S. Beef After a Ban Long Seen as Political | TIME

Infrastructure dollars the big challenge in keeping US exports moving | AgriPulse

US farmers go 'natural' for cattle profits | BBC

This year's soybean crop yield ratings as of mid-September suggest the third all-time high in a row topping the prior peak set last year of 48.0 bpa. | DTN

Meet the Sugar Barons Who Used Both Sides of American Politics to Get Billions in Subsidies | Pro-Market

80 milking ewes in Alabama | NPR

A huge Washington State winery continues its construction phase | Capital Press


Ag rents are too high | DTN

Farmland sale in Adams County, Illinois, brought $9,500 per acre average |

Chinese investors are buying up French farmland | WUNC

The merger of AFCO into FPI will create the largest public farmland REIT in the U.S. | Farmland Partners

Farmland Partners Company Overview | Farmland Partners


"Climate Change, Global Food Security, and the U.S. Food System," with co-authors from the National Center for Atmospheric Research (NCAR), provides an overview of recent research in climate change and agriculture. | UCAR

As Arctic Ocean Ice Disappears, The Global Climate Impacts Intensify | e360

Modeling soil better. |

Want to Slow Climate Change? Stop Having Babies | Bloomberg


Tainted water cancels harvest sales at iconic Venetucci Farm, frightens residents - Researchers seek links between Air Force firefighting foam and PFC contamination in Fountain, Security and Colorado Springs | Denver Post

Warning issued after 20 sickened by raw milk from ranch in Pueblo County | The Gazette

450-foot bratwurst may be one for record books in Longmont | Daily Camera


Did the Low-fat Era Make us fat? | Frontline


English farmer paints his entire flock of 800 sheep orange to help guard against theft. | WTHR


I'm posting this 4-minute Vimeo video to show you what a drone can do when a film maker sends it up illegally to gather footage, and then edits it, right here in my beautiful, athletic, and outdoorsy town of Boulder, Colorado. This has had nearly a million views and has created a controversy amongst town officials since it was illegal. I say get used to it. What drones can do versus what's legal for them to do is the future of drones.

ABOVE BOULDER - 4K Drone Film from Kjell Redal on Vimeo.

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